Thursday, January 7, 2016

how to track a phone

Technology and consumer electronics advance always much faster than a car onboard technology. Manufacturers, which are beginning to develop a car four years before it goes on the market, always complete recoil of consumer electronics, when not directly going to delay. WayRay Navion browser is one example of this situation.
phone tracker
While almost all cars already equipped with a built-in browser, most need a screen so that we can see the information. Some models with head-up display, projected that information onto the visor in front of the steering wheel (low cost type MINI version and some PSA) either in a corner of the windscreen (more expensive in many BMW and some PSA version). WayRay Navion goes further and projected that information about the road you have ahead.

This is the great difference with respect to the other systems, Navion system superimposes the signs on the road: the arrow to turn right at the next street is at the same intersection. Come on, you see it in having to take the eyes off the road. Indications of the system adapt to the speed of the car (seems obvious, but there are still many embedded browsers that are very slow when it comes to processing information).
Another important advantage is that you don't have a reflective surface on the windshield to be able to project information (identical to other models of GPS, such as points of interest or fixed radars). The need to treat the windshield and include a foil reflective (an expensive operation) is making on middle and low range models will opt for a small screen to project information.

WayRay Navion is a connected GPS that works only with a mobile connection (via its own connection to the internet or via a mobile Bluetooth). It consists of two elements, projector-GPS Navion, and Element module that reads the information the car (speed, for example) via the OBD port of the same.

The Navion is exclusively controlled by voice and gestures, and how it works via the mobile phone also allows you to answer calls, or use other features. While the Element, on the other hand, sends a range of data to a dedicated mobile where in later App you will be able to analyze your driving behaviour (speed, time between each stop, distance, etc).

cell-phone tracker
While the WayRay Navion is not the first such system (Jaguar Land Rover is developing something very similar and fuller), will be the first of its kind to reach the market. It will do at the beginning of 2016 in United States, for a price of between 300 and 500 dollars in the hands of French Orange (which provides connectivity and telematic systems to manufacturers like Tesla, Peugeot or Citroën).

For some time this part much has changed the security of our environment. A few years ago our parents were calm when we said them that we went for a ride and we would return in a while, becoming at times, but luckily we always returned home, with some bruising than other, but nothing that could not cure a little mercromina.

But to be part time, which have now ceased to be children to become parents, know of the insecurity that surrounds us. It is no longer the same thing a few years ago. And fruit that, occasionally, overprotection towards our children manufacturers are launching devices to be controlled at all times to the little ones.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Vendetta is served in a cold dish. And in the case of Valentino Rossi, everything points to will be frozen. The Italian rider, who plays with the rules of the road to get away with it, does not fit into the pools to win the MotoGP World Championship in 2016. Enter, or approaches.

Bookmakers are clear in the absence of three months for starting the new season (March 20 in Lusail circuit, in Qatar). According to the training test, Marc Márquez will be the rival to beat next year. Rossi will not be neither second son. Since the second is Jorge Lorenzo, reigning champion of the world.

So first level in Spain betting dictate it by Royal Decree of chance such as Bet365, Willian Hill, Bwin and 888sport, according to a report of the newspaper As. The triumph of Marquez is paid between 1.80 and 2.25 euros per euro wagered. Lorenzo's victory is paid 2.87 to 3.20 euros. Much higher are the fees of Rossi: 5.50-6 euros.

With the new rules for the world of 2016, with changes of tyres - Bridgestone, look will pass to carry Michelin the next course-, it points to the Honda-Repsol team could be the big beneficiary. At least, so tests indicate it.

Valentino Rossi begins to take on the reality. By very crude to make it, the days of rest in his village, Tavullia, have served so that it begins to look to the future and pass the past page. That Yes, no wait that you forget or forgive. What happened at the end of the 2015 World Cup and its war with Marc Márquez still alive in his head and a true reconciliation seems a chimera as much passing days. The Doctor remains fixed in his version of the facts, in accusing the ilerdense favor to Lorenzo.
Case closed in the TAS and goodbye to the resource
However, Vale took the first step. The TAS announced yesterday that Rossi has informed them that waiver to continue with his appeal to the sanction imposed after the Grand Prix of Malaysia. That is, de facto accepted version of career direction and FIM. Therefore, admits that it was deliberately reduced the March, varied career and tried to take the track to the catalan. Therefore, you follow that you have made an unsportsmanlike action that led to the fall of another pilot, in this case, Marquez.

Grand PRIX

Why you removed this resource now? "In fact, Rossi turned because he wanted to give him the injunction to not leave last in Valencia. Not realizing it was then Sung which TAS was not going to get into a mess and now was to accept that resource. It was the logical thing,"says Paco Sánchez, lawyer and representative of several pilots in the world.
Was there a chance that won the Championship in the offices? No. That was clear from the Ricardo Tormo test. Jorge Lorenzo did not have why fear for his third world Crown. "You could not do anything retroactively, racing, cannot be cancelled for example. The title was already closed from the moment in which was held the career of Valencia", explains Sanchez.

That Yes, Valentino might have decried the FIM and Dorna when the TAS had given the reason in the resource. You would have been able to seek compensation for damages alleging that had not been able to compete on equal terms than its rival and was handicapped by having to go out last on grill. Basically, it could have required a multimillion-dollar sum of money. In the subsequent trial, it is difficult that they had turned to give the reason in your request.
Therefore, at this time, it renounces to all this. It is a way of seeking peace with the Federative body and organisers of MotoGP. "It had nothing to gain. It was difficult that all of that would be given even if they had just accepted his appeal", the Spanish lawyer statement.
It risks leaving 'pit lane' or not to take an appointment  However, to bridge this resource, the Italian maintains four penalty points in the flesh. This is a danger for it in 2016. The regulation - which has not changed in this respect - is clear in his article 3.2.1, in relation to the definition and application of sanctions: "points are cumulative and expire after a period of 365 days from the day on which they are imposed". In his case, the first received it on September 12 to hinder Lawrence at the official.

Therefore, if Rossi receives one or more sanctions that make him score seven points before 12 September 2016 you will have to go out the next race from the pit lane. Or, worse still, if it reached 10 points, it would be disqualified to participate in the next race. Only when they reach 10, particular marker is set to zero. Therefore, if you want to take vendettas against Marquez in track you would think about it much.
Vale received only two penalties in the flesh
The nine-time world champion, logically, hopes not to receive further sanctions. In fact, since the meat by points was implemented in MotoGP, beginning in 2013, Valentino has only received two penalties, the last season: the point in Misano and the three received at Sepang.

Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android

Many hours have been swallowed up in the abyss consume-vidas which is the Football Manager, hours and hours trying to classify the Pájara Playas for the Europa League, have been many screams in the early morning when that Belarussian player of 18 years - how much glory gave me, Kisliy! - that you just sign marks a goal in minute 93 that you qualify for the final of the Champions League. And they are going to be many more, because Football Manager Mobile 2016 now available for Android.

The football saga published by Sega has become already a reference for lovers of football, and although FIFA and Pro Evolution are carried almost all the leading role they cannot compete with the depth of this Simulator's sports management which puts you at the forefront of a changing room of one of the teams that compete in 14 leagues around the world , with a comprehensive data base so that it has even been used by professional teams.

Park the Airbus as Mourinho or hold on to possession as Guardiola

As usual in recent years also has launched a mobile version, which does not have all the options of your sister for PC and Mac, but which will delight those who love them spend hours planning the best strategy to deal with the next opponent.

The Android version costs €8.99 and excludes in-app purchases. This year the guys at Sports Interactive have improved management tactics, and the staff of the team, and have introduced a new system of training based on medals, in addition to redesigning the main screens of the game to make it more intuitive.

And you have dedicated many hours to Football Manager? What Pearl you did with 17 years that it is now a star?

Football Manager Mobile 2016 is already available in the Play Store. The official game for mobile from these guys it's official, and both can find it in the Google Play as App Store for bite Apple users. Do you like football? This great game with Made in SEGA you'll love, because it is perfectly designed for mobile by allowing us to enjoy an experience of 10.

You have all details of Football Manager Mobile 2016 and how to download it:

Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android

You want to manage your team? You can do so easily and on any device. You can now download Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android and get ready for a great experience. It comes loaded with improvements, and everything you need to live great moments.

In a gameplay of the game, we have a truly unique experience, in that in 20 minutes can get an idea of the scope of Football Manager Mobile 2016. We can see it in the video above, you can us it done a little heavy for the duration but it allows us to enter fully into the game.

The key to the game will be to manage a football team. We can choose the equipment you want from the 14 countries of the world that we have available, and of course the main leagues European.

We'll have everything for us trap: transfers, strategies, management of banking, more vivid than ever, stadiums and much more. We will manage our favorite team as we have always done, with the aim of being the best.

Download Football Manager Mobile 2016 on Google Play

You can download Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android by 8,99 Euro and within the application in-app purchase. The price is a little high if we take into account that we tend not to pay for games, but the truth is that these guys deserve it for having done a great job.

You decide to download Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android or seem expensive? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments. No doubt we have a fantastic game, it remains to be seen if it is worth its price.