Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android

Many hours have been swallowed up in the abyss consume-vidas which is the Football Manager, hours and hours trying to classify the Pájara Playas for the Europa League, have been many screams in the early morning when that Belarussian player of 18 years - how much glory gave me, Kisliy! - that you just sign marks a goal in minute 93 that you qualify for the final of the Champions League. And they are going to be many more, because Football Manager Mobile 2016 now available for Android.

The football saga published by Sega has become already a reference for lovers of football, and although FIFA and Pro Evolution are carried almost all the leading role they cannot compete with the depth of this Simulator's sports management which puts you at the forefront of a changing room of one of the teams that compete in 14 leagues around the world , with a comprehensive data base so that it has even been used by professional teams.

Park the Airbus as Mourinho or hold on to possession as Guardiola

As usual in recent years also has launched a mobile version, which does not have all the options of your sister for PC and Mac, but which will delight those who love them spend hours planning the best strategy to deal with the next opponent.

The Android version costs €8.99 and excludes in-app purchases. This year the guys at Sports Interactive have improved management tactics, and the staff of the team, and have introduced a new system of training based on medals, in addition to redesigning the main screens of the game to make it more intuitive.

And you have dedicated many hours to Football Manager? What Pearl you did with 17 years that it is now a star?

Football Manager Mobile 2016 is already available in the Play Store. The official game for mobile from these guys it's official, and both can find it in the Google Play as App Store for bite Apple users. Do you like football? This great game with Made in SEGA you'll love, because it is perfectly designed for mobile by allowing us to enjoy an experience of 10.

You have all details of Football Manager Mobile 2016 and how to download it:

Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android

You want to manage your team? You can do so easily and on any device. You can now download Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android and get ready for a great experience. It comes loaded with improvements, and everything you need to live great moments.

In a gameplay of the game, we have a truly unique experience, in that in 20 minutes can get an idea of the scope of Football Manager Mobile 2016. We can see it in the video above, you can us it done a little heavy for the duration but it allows us to enter fully into the game.

The key to the game will be to manage a football team. We can choose the equipment you want from the 14 countries of the world that we have available, and of course the main leagues European.

We'll have everything for us trap: transfers, strategies, management of banking, more vivid than ever, stadiums and much more. We will manage our favorite team as we have always done, with the aim of being the best.

Download Football Manager Mobile 2016 on Google Play

You can download Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android by 8,99 Euro and within the application in-app purchase. The price is a little high if we take into account that we tend not to pay for games, but the truth is that these guys deserve it for having done a great job.

You decide to download Football Manager Mobile 2016 for Android or seem expensive? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments. No doubt we have a fantastic game, it remains to be seen if it is worth its price.