Thursday, January 7, 2016

how to track a phone

Technology and consumer electronics advance always much faster than a car onboard technology. Manufacturers, which are beginning to develop a car four years before it goes on the market, always complete recoil of consumer electronics, when not directly going to delay. WayRay Navion browser is one example of this situation.
phone tracker
While almost all cars already equipped with a built-in browser, most need a screen so that we can see the information. Some models with head-up display, projected that information onto the visor in front of the steering wheel (low cost type MINI version and some PSA) either in a corner of the windscreen (more expensive in many BMW and some PSA version). WayRay Navion goes further and projected that information about the road you have ahead.

This is the great difference with respect to the other systems, Navion system superimposes the signs on the road: the arrow to turn right at the next street is at the same intersection. Come on, you see it in having to take the eyes off the road. Indications of the system adapt to the speed of the car (seems obvious, but there are still many embedded browsers that are very slow when it comes to processing information).
Another important advantage is that you don't have a reflective surface on the windshield to be able to project information (identical to other models of GPS, such as points of interest or fixed radars). The need to treat the windshield and include a foil reflective (an expensive operation) is making on middle and low range models will opt for a small screen to project information.

WayRay Navion is a connected GPS that works only with a mobile connection (via its own connection to the internet or via a mobile Bluetooth). It consists of two elements, projector-GPS Navion, and Element module that reads the information the car (speed, for example) via the OBD port of the same.

The Navion is exclusively controlled by voice and gestures, and how it works via the mobile phone also allows you to answer calls, or use other features. While the Element, on the other hand, sends a range of data to a dedicated mobile where in later App you will be able to analyze your driving behaviour (speed, time between each stop, distance, etc).

cell-phone tracker
While the WayRay Navion is not the first such system (Jaguar Land Rover is developing something very similar and fuller), will be the first of its kind to reach the market. It will do at the beginning of 2016 in United States, for a price of between 300 and 500 dollars in the hands of French Orange (which provides connectivity and telematic systems to manufacturers like Tesla, Peugeot or Citro├źn).

For some time this part much has changed the security of our environment. A few years ago our parents were calm when we said them that we went for a ride and we would return in a while, becoming at times, but luckily we always returned home, with some bruising than other, but nothing that could not cure a little mercromina.

But to be part time, which have now ceased to be children to become parents, know of the insecurity that surrounds us. It is no longer the same thing a few years ago. And fruit that, occasionally, overprotection towards our children manufacturers are launching devices to be controlled at all times to the little ones.